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      MTK META Utility V92:28.02.2023 :

      - Added (Huawei/Honor) Qualcomm extract and convert UPDATE.APP to GPT and RawProgram XML [single and multiple] (with UFS support), also it supports multiple UPDATE packages extraction (BASE + CUST + PRELOAD).

      - Our software extracts the packages same as factory IMAGES, after flash it with (USB & JTAG), you don't have to flash the device again with fastboot or upgrade mode (the device will work normally with customization installed), this feature useful to recover dead Huawei and Honor devices after flash wrong firmware (LDN,DUB,LND,etc), this feature exists in some tools such as UMT & EMMC Dongle, but it doesn’t fully extract the update package and doesn’t extract the customization package or UFS update, our method is generic now and support all update types.

      - Added Qualcomm OnePlus (.ops) Firmware extraction to RawProgram XML and factory images.

      - Added MTK Helio G96 MT6781 preloader parser [preloader_k6781v1_64].

      - Added MTK Helio G99 MT6789 preloader parser [preloader_k6789v1_64]

      - Added extract Huawei MTK to scatter.

      - Fixed Samsung ROM to scatter converter (STATUS_TOO_LARGE), And missing (LK) or (BL) partitions due to previous bug (the software doesn't extract IMG_verified.lz4) now fixed, please re-extract all the Samsung ROMs which you have already extracted.

      - Added Rebuild USERDATA partition via META Mode.

      - Fixed and tested VIVO Y30 and VIVO Y1S META wipe.

      - Fixed MTK disable auth issue.

      Supported (Huawei/Honor) UFS devices for FW extraction :

      Huawei Nova_8I [NEN-XXX]

      Huawei Nova_9 [NAN-XXX]

      Huawei Nova_9SE [JLN-XXX]

      Huawei P50 [ABR-XXX]

      Huawei P50_Pocket [BAL-XXX]

      Huawei P50_Pro [JAD-XXX]

      Honor 50_Lite [NTN_XXX]

      Honor Magic 4 [LGE-XXX]

      Honor Magic V [MGI-XXX]

      Honor X7 [CMA-XXX]

      Honor X8 [TFY-XXX]

      - OnePlus OPS firmware decryption credit to (Bjoern Kerler), i have ported the decryptor to QT C++, if any developer needs the ported C++ source code contact me.

      - This software was made for educational purposes only & we allow the use of it under certain circumstances & it’s provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.

      In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software,

      please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones, and must not be used for illegal purposes.

      - USE it at your own risk. File Password = mtk_meta_utility

      Download MTK META Utility V92 - AndroidFileHost
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