NEW Z3X-EASY-JTAG Update. Emmc File Manager V1.0 addon Released

Discussion in 'Easy Jtag' started by tony.wong, Apr 1, 2017.

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      Feb 12, 2017
      Z3X Emmc File Manager V1.0 addon Released.

      About this update:

      - The project is written "from scratch"
      - The project is fully translated into C ++
      - A brand-new NATIVE engine-driver for accessing the EXT2 / 3/4 File System
      - All the functions of scanning partitions have been reworked.
      - The ability to open a separately read partition without markup
      - Partition manager in the form of a tree with information
      - Full-featured file manager with the ability to view information, multiple choice of files
      - Hot Links button for frequently accessing files (Contacts \ SMS \ Passwords, etc.)
      - The ability to save both individual files and folders
      - The ability to sort Files by Name \ Type \ Size \
      - Ability to change the style of displaying files / folders
      - Copying file / folder names to the clipboard
      - Ability to quickly view a single file
      - Reading section information
      - Address bar with manual address input support
      - Automatic folder structure buffering
      - Automatic read buffer, which maximizes file read speed
      - No hanging of the interface
      - Saving the entire partition to the BIN format
      - HiPower CLK Support
      - Support voltage EMMC 1.8 / 2.8 / 3.3 volts
      - Supports CLK bus frequency up to 21 MHz

      Check EmmcFilemanagerManagerAddon_v1.3.exe on support.

      Discuss here neweasy.png
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